My name is Carlos Marín, president and founder of CM Sport Shop. I started this beautiful business thanks to the love and passion I have for sports. Throughout my childhood, I excelled in different sports among them: Baseball, Volleyball, Basketball, and American Football. The sport in which I excelled the longest was baseball in which I participated from the age of 7 until I was 32 years old. Also, for 19 years, I was dedicated to training children and young people with the desire to develop in baseball, also being part of several teams as a coach. During that time, I created a training space where I came up with the idea to start selling some items to the same young people I was training, but from that small idea, we created what we know today as CM Sport Shop.
Our mission is to be the number one alternative for all kinds of athletes. We want to cover each of their needs by offering high-quality products to contribute to their development and performance.
We work with the best sports brands worldwide to provide each of our customers with the best quality options at an affordable price. Our purpose is to exceed the expectations of every person who visits our store.